Our Way of Life

Bundle of Parisi Bread Our way of life can be summed up in one word "bread". Mike Parisi awakes early morning to do one thing, make Parisi bread. Mike like his Father and Grandfather before him, works intimately with each step of the baking process to make different varieties of Parisi breads.

Mike's day starts with dough preparation and ends by extracting bread from brick ovens and getting the bread ready for transport. Being Head Baker is very demanding, a lot of hard work and long hours, but Mike believes it's all worth the effort. He has a great deal of pride in making the best bread in New York City that bears his name.

Our Parisi pledge is to:

  • Make our bread using only the finest natural ingredients and nothing artificial
  • Prepare our bread meticulously according to our secret old-world recipes
  • Use baking methods based on continuous improvement and 3 generations of experience
  • Bake our bread slowly with seasoned brick ovens
  • Start transporting after baking, so our customers get our bread at the peak of freshness
  • Stand behind our products for the best ingredients, quality and freshness
  • Provide prompt service and value-add services for custom orders, breadcrumbs and same-day reorders