About Our Bakery

Parisi Bakery is a commercial bakery that prepares 2,000 lbs of dough daily. We primarily sells and distribute bread to more than 100 restaurants and delicatessens throughout New York City. Parisi bread can also be purchased by the consumer over-the-counter in our bakery at 290 Elizabeth Street, as well as, through our delicatessens at 198 Mott Street.

We are one of the few bakeries in the city that still have and use brick ovens. Our bakery's centerpiece is two giant 30 foot brick-ovens and a rotisserie brick oven. Our brick-ovens give our breads a distinctive flavor and hardy crispness that’s a noticeable signature of Parisi breads. We uncompromisingly select the finest ingredients and make our breads according to old world recipes that we have kept secret. We rely on proven baking methods that we have developed through 3 generations of Parisi bakers. The results are the best tasting; freshest bread you can buy with a golden-brown crispy crust and soft center. We offer a better value than our competitors; compare our high quality breads with all natural ingredients to our competitor’s bread for body, texture and taste.

When you are around a long time, you must be doing something right. Parisi Bakery has been around a long time and is doing all the right things to make the bread that New York City loves.
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